My instructional camps are for players who intend to continue their playing careers after college.

I retired from active coaching after 45 years; 18 in the NFL as a Special Teams Coordinator.  Currently I have been conducting Special Teams Clinics around the country for universities, colleges, high school coaches and draft eligible college players.

My point of emphasis is helping college seniors who are hoping for a chance to continue their playing careers in the NFL, CFL or UFL (IF they have a 4th season this year).  The Kicking Game material will be provided to help them gain an EDGE going into camp!
The instructional camp consists of a two-day learning process for the players - classroom work, video reinforcement and then on-field drill work to cover that specific segment.  Each element will be introduced and followed up in the same manner.  I'll provide spiral notebooks and pens so the players can detail the information I'll be passing on to them.

Emphasis will be on the four core Special Team components:

-PUNT PROTECTION and COVERAGE (to include Gunner work on the outside)
-PUNT RETURN and BLOCKS (to include Bracket work on the outside and RETURNERS)
I will also introduce NFL Rules as they apply to the Kicking Game.  There are some differences from the college game.

If interested, call me on my cell:  920-737-3022, or you can email me at

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